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landscape shot of the northern lights


Top 10 inspiring ideas for your next adventure in travel

Browse our Top 10 of incredible tailor-made vacations replete with adventure and sumptuous luxury. 

1. Heli safari in British Columbia

Take the family on a killer whale safari in British Columbia. Watch these resident orcas patrol the seas while black bears emerge from the forest to forage at the shoreline. Stay at a luxury lodge and enjoy fly fishing and picnic lunches amid the natural splendor.

2. Delta safari in Botswana

An incredible safari experience in Africa’s Okavanga Delta. You’ll navigate the waterways seeing elephants, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, lions, and more while spending each night camped on a different uninhabited island.

3. Tribes in Papua New Guinea

Have a fascinating cultural immersion among Papua New Guinea’s intriguing tribes. Based in some of this verdant country’s more difficult-to-reach regions, you’ll discover their lives and traditions entwined with the spectacular nature that surrounds them.

4. Conservation in Mozambique

Tag elephants in Mozambique as part of conservation efforts in this spectacular African country. While working alongside scientists, you and your family will learn all about the efforts to protect these majestic creatures.

Heli landed on a small island surrounded by pristine waters children paddle out on a locally built boat to a desert island
A couple taken by boat close to the shores where an elephant drinks from the water Rangers looking after an Elephant

5. Private yacht in Raja Ampat

Explore the paradise archipelago of Raja Ampat on your luxury yacht. You’ll dine on secluded sandy beaches, enjoy the scenery from the privacy of your sundeck, and see the region’s renowned wildlife both on land and when diving below the sapphire waves.

6. Northern Lights in Iceland

Watch the otherworldly shimmer of the Aurora Borealis as it streaks above some of the planet’s most eye-catching landscapes. Iceland’s unique mix of remote luxury stays, volcanic scenery, and adrenaline-fuelled possibility is incredible, with enough variation that makes it perfect for a family or larger group break.

7. Cenote diving in Mexico

Discover Mexico’s stunning cenotes—sunken worlds of glassy pools, tangled creepers, and true seclusion. Led by expert divemasters, your family will journey into remote, rarely accessed recesses that double as pristine ecosystems.

8. Mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Encountering mountain gorillas and observing them in their natural habitat is a profound experience. Staying deep in the jungle at a luxury lodge, you’ll trek to within a few feet of these endangered primates, spending an exhilarating hour in their company.

9. Riding in the wilds of Australia

Set in Australia’s epic interior, you’ll ride horseback across its vastness, kicking up the red and mustard yellow earth behind you. Herd cattle while staying on a working ranch, and run with kangaroos through the empty immensity of this astonishing landscape.

10. Tiger tracking in India

Home to almost three-quarters of the global tiger population, India is the place to see big cats. Plunging into its stunning national parkland, you’ll track these cautious predators alongside expert local guides. A sighting is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.