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Hero Iceland Skiing Mountains and Sea


Iceland’s Mountains and Fjords heli-ski adventure

The Troll Peninsula is a raw projection of Iceland’s awe-inspiring landscape into its thriving coastal waters. Offering terrain for all levels, and enough powder to smother a volcano, you’ll glide down from the snowy summit until you’re almost surfing the navy blue waves.

When to go
From price
$30,200 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights


Discover the fabulous skiing potential of this volcanic landscape with a trip to the Troll Peninsula. To the west of the Eyjafjordur fjord, this is an isolated section of the country, its white-capped, rumpled landscape rising to over 3000ft above sea level.

Board your helicopter and fly high above the untouched terrain. Your expert guide will identify first-class drop-off points—tailored to your ability and instructions—among the couloirs and glaciers of this nearly two and a half thousand square mile Arctic wonderland.  

In one of the world’s most remote mountainous regions, where the average snowfall is one of the highest on the planet, you’ll experience a fantastic off-piste adventure. Your helicopter will be on hand to transport you and your group to the next untouched peak before descending through endless snow fields with spectacular Icelandic panoramas.


Ride a Nordic horse, specially adapted to this rugged terrain, to get closer to the titanic natural sights of Iceland. Set off for a day at sea in spectacular Eyjafjordur fjord, where there’s a high chance of seeing orcas, blue whales, or humpbacks.

With the lengthy days provided by the high latitude, finish dinner and set off on a guided mountaineering expedition, the landscape flecked with bronze during an extended midnight sun golden hour.

When it’s time to wind down, step into the geothermal pool and gaze out at the landscape with an aperitif. Your private chef will cook up a Nordic culinary adventure featuring the country’s flavorsome fish or a juicy leg of lamb paired with something delicious from the wine cellar.

Relax before a crackling fireplace afterward, reflecting on the adventures of the day as the Northern Lights begin to flicker above the nearest peak.  

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 5 nights excluding international flights.


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