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Beautiful Azores Islands


An adventure in Portugal’s Azores Islands

The Azores is a lush tropical archipelago in the Atlantic, formed from the summits of (mostly) submerged mountains and volcanoes. From volcanic hot springs to the world’s largest lava tubes and world-class botanical gardens, the Azores balances its natural wonders with a fascinating history and local culture.  

When to go
January – October
From price
$13,700 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Your adventure begins on the Azores’ largest landmass—the island of São Miguel. You’ll discover why it’s also known as Green Island with a visit to Sete Cidades, a rustic village with remarkable views over the caldera lakes shrouded in verdant jungle.

Walk the jungle-fringed rim and stop at a pineapple farm to see the growing process and taste some juicy fresh fruit. Next travel to the northeast for the protected Ribeira dos Caldeirões region, a slice of pristine Azores country. Explore by canyoning through its stunning flora, rappelling waterfalls, and descending translucent streams.

After swimming in gorgeous Lake Fogo, it’s onto the geothermal wonderland of Furnas Valley. See—and taste—the uniquely prepared subterranean stew, slow-cooked in volcanic vapors.

With its mix of European imports and tropical species, the Terra Nostra botanical garden has grown to become of Europe’s most extraordinary and unique plant collections. Take a dip in a thermal pool, soaking up the verdant surroundings and iron-rich minerals from the volcanic spring. 


A short flight transports you to Pico Island, easily spotted for its volcano—the country’s highest point. Accompanied by a marine biologist, you’ll go in search of 25 species of whales living in one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries.

The following morning, tackle Mount Pico before dawn for sunrise at just below 8,000ft. Along the way, your guide will give insights into the archipelago’s genesis and its volcanic biodiversity. If you’d like more time to commune with nature in this remarkable spot, Pelorus can arrange a wild camping adventure.

Follow the lava down to Madalena village, touring its volcanic soil vineyards on a bicycle. Take a guided tour of this UNESCO-listed landscape, exploring its lagoons and caves, and being struck by the gorgeous contrast of exotic flowers springing from dark volcanic stone.

For your volcanic finale, descend into Gruta das Torres—one of the world’s longest lava tubes and a remarkable foray into the island’s igneous interior.  


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