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Heli-Skiing Expedition In Antarctica

Antarctica, with its inhospitable climate and lack of resources, remains one of the world’s most inaccessible places on the planet. For adventurous skiers, however, it’s a snow-covered paradise waiting to be explored.

When to go
Ideal length
5 nights


Pelorus is breaking new icy ground with its heli-skiing expeditions in Antarctica. This immense, empty wilderness—save for the penguins and the patrolling orcas—is a playground with two helicopters, skis, and a sense of adventure.

It’s possible to travel deeper into the continent’s wild interior than ever before. Using two helicopters—one to drop you at a summit before the other takes you to your next pristine, epic run—Pelorus will transport you to truly untouched terrain in this ever-changing landscape. With the daylight between 18 and 22 hours in the summer months, you’ll have abundant opportunity to make your mark on the polar desert’s powdery vistas.


Antarctica is an environment that demands respect. Our heli-skiing expeditions are staffed by a group steeped in experience, having led countless tailor-made adventures on the southernmost continent. Safety and comfort are our paramount priorities, with all our equipment carefully chosen for this most challenging of environments.

Tapping the best ice pilots and expedition leaders, alongside our own background of military planning, ensures a smoothly run experience allowing you to focus on the skiing experience of a lifetime.


Beyond gliding down the endless slopes with views of icebergs glinting in the sea, our trips also offer the chance to hike up peaks, scale ice cliffs, and rappel into a gaping crevasse. Gain lofty perspectives over the otherworldly terrain, or return to sea level and kayak the coast, gliding past towering icebergs.

Ice Climbing In Antarctica Kayaking In Antarctica
Antarctica heli-skiing, credit Darrel Day Penguin colony in Antarctica


The flexibility provided by the helicopters allows us to choose skiing runs that end in wildlife sightings. You’ll see the vast emperor penguin and sea lion colonies and watch the waves for the Antarctic’s six whale species, among other rugged denizens.

Antarctica is rightly considered the finest heli-skiing destination in the world. For those searching for the ultimate skiing experience, you’ll find it amid the epic, unseen mountain ranges of the White Desert.