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Heli-biking in Bhutan


Heli-biking in Bhutan: A land Beyond the Sky

High-altitude mysticism and majestic Himalayan valleys: this hidden treasure is a magnificent country to explore, with its intriguing culture and cliff-hanging monasteries.

Found on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a near-mythical Kingdom where modern life fits in between the peaceful rhythms of an ancient culture. This enlightened country is often praised for the way in which it prioritizes environmental protection and the happiness of the citizenry over GDP.   

Perhaps topping up the happiness quotient is the emergence of an exhilarating experience that blends off-road biking with helicopters.

Bhutan Heli Biking Bhutan heli over mountains
Luxury Bhutan Vacations, Tigers Nest Temple Monks running through courtyard Bhutan

Heli-biking experiences are infinitely adaptable to skill levels, time constraints, and particular interests. Take on epic single-track challenges or wind your way along peaceful country lanes. Carve first descents through sprawling rhododendrons and undulating grassy plains. At the end of this thrilling experience of accessing the inaccessible by helicopter, return to the rarified comforts of your Bhutanese luxury accommodation.