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family floating in a pool amongst thick jungle in a remote part of Vanuatu


Think remote for your next Family Adventure

There’s nothing that bonds a family more strongly than a family adventure, and even more so when it takes place in a remote destination that feels entirely your own. Pelorus has luxury vacations in many off-the-beaten-track locales with itineraries that can be customized to your group’s specific needs. Here’s a selection of some of our tailor-made experiences for unforgettable trips away.

Camel Rides and Luxury Camps in Morocco

A wide-ranging adventure that takes in the heady highlights of Morocco, you’ll begin in the colorful maze of Marrakech. Traveling in vintage motorcycles with sidecars, you’ll zip through the raucous medina before leaving the city behind and climbing into the mountains bound for the Sahara.  

An early start (maybe less popular with the teenagers) as you take a hot air balloon up and over the caramel sands, the imposing peaks of the High Atlas Mountains in the distance. The teenagers will cheer up as you climb into dune buggies for a thrilling drive through the Agafay stone desert. Onto a cultural immersion next: a traditional lunch with a local family and the noise and exotica of a Berber market introducing you to the engaging rural life in Morocco.

The keen cyclists among you may be drawn to mountain biking one of the highest passes in North Africa or, for something more inclusive to all ages, sandboarding and quad biking on the dunes. Round off the desert adventure by riding a camel across the sand-scape in the style of the Berbers. You’ll round off your epic days playing family games in your luxury tented camp.

Northern Lights and Ice Hotels in Sweden

Sweden is a wonderful blend of snow-blanketed wilderness with chic, cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm. You’ll begin your multigenerational adventure here, amid the capital’s restrained Scandi-style and Michelin-starred New Nordic cuisine. Shift gears when you step into a reindeer-drawn sled for a magical gallop north to Swedish Lapland—ideal for Christmas lovers of all ages.

Stay in the startling and luxurious surrounds of the Ice Hotel while the Northern Lights waver green and pink across the night sky. You’ll look for wolves, brown bears, and moose in silent, snow-covered forests.

Finally, set out from an isolated Arctic Lodge on snowmobiles for a cultural immersion with the Sami reindeer herders. Transfer to a sled before being whisked through a winter wonderland to a traditional Goathi tent for a delicious Sami culinary experience.

Temples and Elephants in Sri Lanka

A destination for all ages, the island of Sri Lanka punches well above its weight in terms of culture, world-class beaches, and stunning landscapes.

Begin your adventure by rising to meet the sunrise in a hot air balloon, the lush coconut tree canopy and rice paddies stretching out below you.

It’s on to one of two spectacular cultural sites next ideal for smaller explorers: either a visit to an ancient royal palace, or on to the serene Buddhist Temple of the Sacred Tooth. Afterwards catch a train through verdant tea plantations and waterfalls pouring from jungled cliffs.

Your next sunrise adventure takes place on Adam’s Peak, reached by an energizing climb. A helicopter will assist you to your next stop—Aberdeen Falls. Trek through the jungle with its symphony of birdcalls, before watching the teenagers, and whoever else wants to take part, rappelling waterfalls and canyoning.

Next see Sri Lanka’s wildlife on a safari, before enchanting the younger ones with a visit to the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

Dive into the superb surf on the southern coast of this ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. If desired, our expert surf partners will take older children into the glassy waves as part of a customized coaching program. Or watch the youngsters guide turtle hatchlings into the sea foam—an affecting bonding experience and delightful memory for everyone.

Wildlife and Volcanoes in the Galapagos

Exploring the Galapagos Islands by yacht is a wildlife spotting adventure that your family will always treasure. Choose between this volcanic archipelago’s five inhabited islands for awe-inspiring encounters or sail to its quieter islands for a chance to focus on family time and diving into the Ecuadorian waters from your yacht.

With this being the Galapagos, every activity is sprinkled with magic. Snorkel amid Galapagos penguins and sea horses while exploring the teeming world beneath the waves. For the divers in the family, swim among a variety of shark species, barracuda, and see red and blue lobsters scuttling across the sea flor. The Galapagos is also the home to the world’s largest gathering of sea lions. If your teens are game, an expert Pelorus guide will take them to surf among these playful creatures.

No visit to the Galapagos would be complete without an encounter with the marine iguanas, and on this trip the smaller members of your crew can feed these iconic lizards. You’ll trek along igneous shorelines and leave footprints in beaches of crimson sand, before the excitement builds as you spot a rare albatross colony, pacific green turtles in their nests, and vivid flamingos.

You’ll then scramble up to a volcanic peak, passing lagoons and lava formations, for an encounter with lava lizards and gorgeous, far-reaching views.

Tribes and Diving in Vanuatu

The sheer variety and excitement of the Vanuatu archipelago ensures something for everyone on a family vacation. Meet indigenous tribes, dive WWII shipwrecks, and bathe in hot springs—every day brings something new for your group to look forward to.

Exploring caves while canyoning and scuba diving the Hidden World Waterfall and the Millennium Cave Waterfalls tunnel system should satisfy your teens’ adrenaline requirements. A change of pace is offered by a horseback ride through the jungle. You’ll see coffee plantations before warming up in thermal pools and shivering in delight beneath the refreshing waterfalls.

Ideal for expanding the imaginations and cultural horizons of your children, Pelorus will take you into the jungle to experience the traditions of the Big Namba and Small Namba tribes, and enjoy their customary dances.

Dive back into the warm seas for a underwater safari among the richly inhabited volcanic seascape. There are dolphins and tuna for the divers to swim among—head to the Moso Drift to see majestic grey whaler sharks—or stay with the children and their infectious excitement as you encounter dugongs among the scintillating coral reefs. In the evenings, relax on your luxury yacht recounting the day’s adventures and playing family games.