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Kinfish Expedition Yacht in Svalabard

Pelorus in the Press

Financial Times HTSI

Maria Shollenbarger explores the yachting tribes of 2021 for The Financial Times’ HTSI #EscapeIssue.

June 2021

Pelorus is excited to be highlighted as both diving enthusiasts and extreme expedition leaders by Maria Shollenbarger in her comprehensive feature on the yachting tribes of 2021.

Responding to a query about how to navigate in the subarctic territory, co-founder Geordie Mackay-Lewis says: “We’ve taken some basic Ibiza-style white yachts fairly high up, and they work fine. You see more of them in the Norwegian fjords than you used to.” However, for those that like to venture further north into the Arctic reaches to Greenland and north of Svalbard, come spring and autumn “you need an ice-class vessel.” These tend to be former industrial ice-breaking or naval patrol ships with high-spec refits for superyacht-level comfort.

To warmer climes, Geordie picks Indonesia’s waters as some of the last with pristine corals for diving, pinpointing French Polynesia as an attractive option for US clients: “It’s one of the first places to open [to the US] post-COVID, so it’s basically like bees to honey. We’re seeing a large number of yachts either making for those waters or already there.”

Kinfish Yacht in Svalbard Breaking Ice Antarctica Expedition Group Research, an Example of Citizen Science
French Polynesia Underwater Coral Island Geordie Diving in Eritrea


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