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Pelorus in the Press

FT How To Spend It

Pack your adventure with these philanthropic extras and embark on a guilt-free vacation.

Dec 2020

We’re thrilled to be included in this very special issue of The Financial Times’ How To Spend It #HowToGiveIt. Where Maria Shollenbarger, pulls together the top “philanthropic opportunities for next-gen travelers keen to effect good change in the world, while also seeing a bit of it.”

“Geordie Mackay-Lewis, who co-founded adventure outfitters Pelorus in 2017, hasn’t been Covid-idle, The Pelorus Foundation, the new philanthropic arm of the company, was inaugurated at the end of October. Its mission: identify and strengthen opportunities to protect. preserve and promote sustainability initiatives wherever the high-adrenaline arm of Pelorus.”

Colourful corals of Raja Ampat Sea turtle swimming through rays of sun
a ranger and a dog View of Coastal landscape and wildlife in Southern Australia photo by Mwangi Gatheca