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Encounter Five Endangered Species in One Year

The number of species earning places on the endangered list continues to grow and includes several of the world’s most compelling creatures. Pelorus has developed a five-stage journey, to be completed across a year, that will bring you into close contact with some of these remarkable creatures.


Travel to the skyscraping mountains of Northern India as you begin your quest for the snow leopard. Typically a seven-day itinerary—with the first two days earmarked for altitude acclimatization in Ladakh—you’ll spend the other five days accompanied by specialist guides who can offer you the greatest chance of observing a snow leopard slinking among the rocks and ridgelines of its natural habitat.


Gorillas. Land in Kigali in the Congo before transferring to Virunga, a remote jungle lodge which will be your base for your gorilla trekking adventure. In the company of experienced guides, set off the next day through lush jungle ready for an affecting encounter with a family of gorillas. You’ll observe these sociable primates in their natural environment and be impressed at their intelligent behavior.


Fly to Svalbard, sometime between May and September, to track polar bears. Setting out from Longyearbyen, you’ll journey across this winter wonderland of dramatic fjords, massive glaciers, and glowing ice caves via dog-sled, snowmobile, and RIB. Amid all this haunting beauty, you’ll encounter the world’s largest land predator—curious, calm, magnificent.


On to Borneo and its remarkable orangutans. You’ll land in Pangkalanbuun where you’ll be transferred by your guide to your private luxury klotok. Next, it’s on to Tanjung Puting National Park and a trek through the verdant jungle until you reach their habitat. You’ll spend several days in this orangutan haven witnessing the grace and social interaction of these endangered primates.


Lastly, you’ll head for Sri Lanka to witness blue whales, the largest animal to have ever lived. Off the coast of the laid-back beach town of Mirissa, you’ll experience world-class diving and whale watching. Swim alongside these whales and marvel at their sheer size, before taking to the air for another chance to see these majestic creatures from above. An incredible way to round off your extraordinary year-long adventure.