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Lion Cubs Masai Mara Kenya


A family safari adventure in scenic Kenya

Kenya, with its thriving national parks, is rightly revered as one of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Create memories for the whole family with a trip of a lifetime to see this beautiful country’s rare wildlife and epic scenery.

When to go
Jul – Oct
From price
$13,000 pp*
Ideal length
7 nights


Upon arrival in Nairobi, travel to Northern Kenya’s Sera Conservancy on a private game drive. You’ll marvel at the changing landscape—from sandy expanses to volcanic cinder fields—while keeping your camera lens at the ready for Africa’s Big Five.

Alongside expert guides, your family will become rangers for the day as you learn how to track the rare black rhino. The experience is an education in conservation for your children, highlighting the plight of these majestic and critically endangered creatures.

Visit the Reteti Elephant Orphanage and learn about its extraordinary operations within the Sera Conservancy. Gain a deeper understanding of how this orphanage operates, before watching the playful elephants from a viewing platform. Back at your lodge, relax with your family, and take a dip in the pool while keeping an eye out for passing animals.


As the sunrise colors the conservancy gold, step aboard your helicopter for a safari from the air. You’ll spot herds of animals, and lone predators, among the dunes and watering holes of the striking Suguta Valley. Your helicopter allows you to journey into terrain typically deemed inaccessible, in this instance the Ndoto and Mathews Range with its rarely seen landscapes. 

You’ll meet the Samburu people—semi-nomadic communities who will share their centuries-old traditions with you and your family. Through intimate engagement with the tribe, you will acquire a deeper understanding of their remarkable history through their songs, dances, and stories that will hold your children rapt.

Continue your children’s cultural education with more Kenyan tribes that Pelorus has built unique relationships with. Journey to Lake Turkana to the home of pastoralist Turkana Tribe. Following this humbling and fascinating interaction, fly to the Chalbi Desert to meet members of the Rendille. These semi-nomadic camel herders have lived in tune with the seasons of the African deserts for generations. 

Conclude your family adventure in the spectacular Maasai Mara. Among these world-famous savannah plains, go on safari to see a huge number of animals at ease in their natural setting. Spotting these creatures is a wonderful experience to share as a family. Embark on a night drive, while listening to the nocturnal music of the landscape beneath the stars.

You will meet the local Maasai communities who will offer an insight into their culture and life on a conservancy. Your family will leave Kenya with astounding memories, unique knowledge, and a refreshed perspective.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults and 2 children travelling for 7 nights excluding international flights.


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