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Yacht Experiences

Explore the Galapagos by luxury yacht

Over 600 miles off of the coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands is an archipelago renowned for its endemic species and fascinating terrain. Cruising this remarkable destination by yacht allows you to travel beyond its five inhabited islands and uncover the raw nature of its more far-flung islands.

When to go:
December – June


Your journey begins by arriving at Baltra from where you’ll travel to meet your yacht at the Aeolian Cove. With a world-class Pelorus surf guide, discover the incredible surfing possibilities in this gorgeous location, with sea lions playing in the surf beside you. Afterward, travel to the highlands of Santa Cruz and enjoy an afternoon with the tortoises at the reserve there.

Learn to dive or refresh your skills with a day exploring Mosquera island. Plunge into the depths for an incredible experience with hammerhead sharks, turtles, and barracuda swimming nearby. Led by leading marine biologists, tag a newborn hammerhead shark as part of a National Park-designed conservation program.

See one of the world’s largest gatherings of sea lions as you cruise to the White Sand Bar and look out for sharks and mobula rays jumping from the waves. Mobula and manta rays are enigmas to the scientific community and you can assist with an identification and tracking program following the worldwide migrations of these intriguing creatures.


Glide into the sea on a paddleboard or kayak and make your way to Tower Island—the top section of an undersea volcano. Its unusual topography makes it an interesting habitat for birds and marine life.

As an alternative, cruise to Isla Genovesa and Darwin Bay with the waters around the boat occasionally broken by playful sea lions. Disembark and follow the stairway of Prince Philip’s Steps that leads to the world’s largest colony of red-footed boobies (as well as numerous storm petrels and short-eared owls).

At sunrise, hike Bartolome Island’s spectacular lava formations. Dive or snorkel near Galapagos penguins before, with the guidance of your Pelorus host, capture some undersea images of the sea horses, sharks, and endemic black eel coral you’ll find here.

Arrive next at the archipelago’s largest island,  Isabela Island. You’ll explore the island’s coast by tender, spotting pelicans, cormorants, and sally lightfoot crabs when on land. Dive in at Punta Vicente Roca to swim with a blizzard of tropical fish, rays, and the fascinating marine iguanas. See Punta Espinosa with a local guide. Feed the marine iguanas that live here and stroll through the world’s only albatross colony in the tropics.  


Travel on to Bahia Urbina, a bay situated between the Alcedo and Darwin volcanoes. Snorkel the shallow waters and see sea turtles as well as blue and red lobster. Swim to shore and make your way inland to observe giant tortoises in their natural habitat.

Drift dive Punta Cormorant, spotting white tip reef sharks, octopus, and the unique Galapagos sea robin. Hike this islet’s volcanic cinders in the afternoon, while seeing white-cheeked pintails and flamingos posing in a lagoon. Work with a conservation team at a Pacific green turtle nesting site and, as evening falls, help the hatching baby turtles flap their way into the foaming surf.

Puerto Egas next, with its colony of fur sea lions residing on its black lava shoreline. Hike from this noisy cabal to Sugarloaf Volcano. On your way to the summit and incredible views, you’ll spot lava lizards, Galapagos doves, and Darwin’s finches.

Cruise to Rabida Island and its red sand beaches. Snorkel a cliff wall and the marine life that infiltrates the cracks beneath the water level.