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Machu Pichu amongst the clouds, Peruvian Andes, South America


Luxury Latin America Vacations

Latin America is a patchwork of diverse cultures and countries that make up South and Central Americas. Its outstanding natural heritage, colonial history, indigenous peoples and scintillating shorelines make this region ideal for experiential travel adventures.

From Central America’s biodiverse jungles and palm-fringed beaches to South America’s Amazon rainforest and the skyscraping Andes, Latin America contains all the ingredients for extraordinary adventures and profound self-enrichment. Discover it by luxury yacht, explorer’s vessel, or while based at one of our sumptuous stays—whichever you decide, we will find the ideal option for your luxury honeymoon, family adventure, or yachting expedition.

A tailor-made Pelorus adventure will transport you to new heights and across epic expanses in high style while exploring jungle-shrouded ruins and encountering intriguing indigenous peoples amid dramatic landscapes. Latin America is the ideal destination for those who enjoy island cultures made vivid with dance and music, adrenaline-pumping forays into the tangled hearts of jungles, and dives into the ocean’s teeming indigo depths.

Central America

A sensory thrill, Central America’s countries—and Mexico—are major destinations for cultural escapes and beachside bliss. This is the land of the Mayans and the Aztecs, while Mexico, the northern gateway of this exhilarating region, sets the tone with its bright towns, brighter flavors, and boho-chic, laid-back beach style.

Guatemala’s jungle conceals ancient stone pyramids waiting for you to unleash your inner Indiana Jones. The charms of lush Belize extend from its jungle-tousled hinterland to its tropical islands and a barrier reef only second in size to Australia’s, while Nicaragua’s dramatic mix of volcanoes and lakes is spellbinding.

Costa Rica offers world-class biodiversity spread across a stunning Caribbean and Pacific-lapped wilderness, while vibrant Panama supplies untouched archipelagos, gorgeous coastlines, and UNESCO-listed culture.

South America

From the epic expanse of the Amazon in the north to the soaring, saw-toothed, glacial ridges of southerly Patagonia, South America’s uniqueness ensures outstanding adventures with nothing but the country’s supreme biodiversity for company. Pelorus will take you on astonishing adventures where you’ll see rare creatures and experience remarkable cultures as you journey across majestic landscapes.   

Meet Colombia’s indigenous peoples existing in their own cultural bubbles. Surf sand dunes and cross the huge salt pan of eclectic and engaging Bolivia. Take your own expedition to the Galapagos and see its world-famous flora and fauna for a life-changing journey.

Revel in Rio’s riotous carnival and track its jaguars on a trip to Brazil, or see Incan cities in the lush, orchid-filled cloud forests of the Peruvian Andes. Too often overlooked, Chile is a narrow country with a huge depth for potential adventure, especially in the southerly Patagonia region shared with Argentina, a country of pumas, glaciers, and street-side tango.

Where can I stay & What can I do?

Our Favourites: Land & Sea 

Vibrant Latin culture is irresistible and imbues both Central and South America with its infectious color and charm. Explore for inspiration and a taste of the tailor-made itineraries that we could create for you. Please get in touch with one of our experts if something catches your imagination, to help develop your ideas further.

Where can I stay?

From jungle-shrouded retreats and boho surfer hideouts to sumptuous, beachfront eco-sanctuaries on private atolls. Scroll to see several of our world-class property picks from Latin America, where you can unplug and unwind in decadent comfort.

As pioneers in the luxury yachting sector, Latin America is one of our top destinations for cruising with its irresistible biodiversity and undersea potential for adventurous exploration from your yacht.

Latin America Bolivia Salt Flats

Pelorus in Latin America

Pelorus has years of experience adventuring across Central and South America’s landscapes and teeming seas. We continually update our already extensive knowledge of the region through a regular process of revisiting and checking with our network of Latin America-based experts, while also extending our outstanding contact book where we can.

Pelorus continues to push its boundaries and explore new destinations whenever possible, with several of our team recently returning from Costa Rica and Chile. First-hand, on-the-ground experience allied with cultural mastery and precision planning, the latter drawn from a military background, ensures that a Pelorus custom adventure designed just for you will be an unforgettable adventure.

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