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Yacht Experiences

Experience Cuba’s nightlife and dive its archipelagos

With its extensive coastline, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and archipelagos teeming with marine life, Cuba is a wonderful yachting destination for a family-oriented tailor-made Pelorus itinerary.

When to go:
South Cuba: December – March; North Cuba: March – May


Arrive in Havana and swiftly become ensconced in its classic style by exploring the streets in a convoy of vintage cars. You’ll discover the local art scene, talk with artists and enjoy private visits to galleries before an exclusive art lesson at the studio of a significant contemporary artist.

Hear the traditional cannon shot from the Havana Fortress announcing the closure of the city gates and the beginning of the city’s famous nightlife. Learn danzon, merengue, and salsa as you dance alongside professionals in an old town square while guitarists strum. 

Protected by UNESCO since 1984, the Las Terrazas Biosphere is the home of over 70 former coffee plantations and more than 177 species of bird. Leave behind the rhythms of Havana as you hike across this biosphere to your luxury yacht.  

After a morning exploring the verdant landscape, you’ll arrive at Banos del San Juan and take a dip in the natural pools and cascading waterfalls found here. Explore the plantations on horseback, take a guided mountain bike adventure through the valley, or whip through the trees on extensive zip lines. Your day culminates in a farm-to-table meal at an authentic hacienda before you return to your yacht.


Set a course for the freckling of beautiful islands that make up the Archipiélago de los Canarreos. While kayaking or paddleboarding around the many islands, you’re likely to encounter giant iguanas, flamingos, and manta rays. Afterward, arrive at Cayo Cantiles and see the endangered species protected at the monkey sanctuary.

At Cayo Largo Del Sur, you’ll visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Center and assist keepers in returning giant sea turtles back to the ocean and joining them for a swim. Later, there’s the option to travel on a local fishing boat or by tender to pluck sizeable lobsters from the ocean floor for your onboard chef to prepare.

Prepare to walk the plank as you arrive at Cuba’s ‘Island of Youth’. Stories swirl around this stunning destination of Caribbean pirates and community history. It’s also home to one of Cuba’s marine sanctuaries and your snorkeling expedition will take in reef sharks, rays, and barracudas amid the vibrant reefs. Once you’ve returned from your morning of marine exploration, prepare for a pirate invasion of your yacht! Your family will try to find the treasure and fulfill piratical challenges before enjoying (with or without grog) a beach party.


After snorkeling with guides in the Bay of Cienfuegos, you’ll go for a swim with Caribbean dolphins in the inlets where they’re found. Afterward, discover the history of Cienfuegos alongside a historian guide, stopping into museums and exploring the El Castillo de Jagua fortress. Alternatively, take a guided hike to Guanaroca Lagoon and its pink flamingos.

One of the Caribbean’s most well-preserved towns, UNESCO-listed Trinidad is surrounded by natural beauty from its two national parks, to Ancon Beach, and the offshore coral barrier. Once you’ve explored its charms, hike or ride horseback through the inland Sierra del Escambray Mountains. You’ll clamber up waterfalls and float in clear natural pools before returning to your yacht in the evening for dinner and dancing to live music.


Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the rural town of Vinales and use it as a base to explore the lush hills that surround it. Explore a coffee farm and a tobacco plantation in the Valle del Silencio and acquire the skills to produce and roll a Cuban cigar. With a personal guide, you can also discover Cuba’s largest limestone cave system—the Santo Tomas Caves. Or take in the countryside with a half-day trek on horseback.

Plunge into the clear seas for a diving foray to S.S. San Pasqual. Found off the coast of Cayo Las Brujas, where the vessel and its cargo sank in 1933, rumors of hauntings surround the wreck. As no one ever recovered the stored sugarcane, the cargo has, over 80 years, fermented into rum.


Santa Clara is known as the city of Che and where the Cuban Revolution’s last conflict took place. Accompanied by an expert historian, you’ll visit the Guevara Memorial and see his final resting place as well as pictures and artifacts connected to the famous revolutionary.

At Cayo Guillermo, one of the country’s best kitesurfing locations, try the sport with a skilled instructor. Alternatively, dive anywhere from 16ft to 98ft at Cayo Coco with your Pelorus Dive Master alongside. The reef off of the north coast is world renowned for its stunning marine life including tarpon, spadefish, sharks, groupers, and big snappers, among much more.

For yachts seeking to cruise is usually difficult to access regions of Cuba, Pelorus is on hand to arrange all special permissions and necessary permits. Get in touch to find out more.