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Embark on a Red Sea Yacht Expedition

A yacht expedition through Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Eritrea is a journey into a mostly unknown world of rich history and fascinating cultures. Embark on world-first submersible experiences, tour UNESCO-protected desert sites, and cruise pristine waters barely known to the yachting world.

When to go:
April – May and October – November


The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun a significant cultural adjustment in recent years, welcoming contemporary thinking into its traditional mindset. Following a 2020 reconnaissance trip, Pelorus is well-positioned to uncover this little-seen country’s treasures.

Arrive in Jeddah and transfer to your yacht. After settling in, you’ll discover this UNESCO-listed site’s 19th-century tower houses and Red Sea coral buildings with a local historian guide. Use your yacht’s tender to discover Jeddah’s coastline and snorkel the healthy coral with a champion Saudi Arabian female free diver.

The next day, fly into the country’s desert heart on a private flight until you land an hour north of AlUla. Jump into a 4×4 waiting at the airstrip and drive to Ragasat or the ‘Dancing’ Mountains. Swap to quad bikes or dune buggies and tear through the maze of canyons.

Discover the extraordinary 6th-century BCE ruins of Old AlUla alongside a private historian guide. Watch the glorious desert sunset before an exclusive dinner by candlelight with a fabulous perspective overlooking Elephant Rock.


Onto the rarely explored Sudan, where you’ll begin with a visit to the 10-century BCE ruins of Suakin. Discover the incredible crumbling walls and history of this Ramses III-era trading hub with your expert Pelorus guide.

Afterward, go game fishing with local fishermen, with your meaty catch prepped for dinner by your yacht chef.

Discover why those who have visited Sudan speak about the diving found there in hushed tones as you descend into the depths with a world-class dive master and conservationist. In the waters beneath your yacht, you’ll marvel at the stunning visibility seeing hammerhead sharks, turtles, surgeon fish, dolphins, and more. The opportunity will also be available to kite surf between tiny, almost entirely uninhabited islets with your onboard instructor.

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Sudanese Atolls Water Temperature:

Spring 26 – 29°C

Summer 30°C


Eritrea remains an intriguing and firmly off-the-beaten-path destination. After a reconnaissance trip in 2019, Pelorus Yacht Expeditions has negotiated with the Eritrean government to secure exclusive access, meaning absolute privacy and world-first experiences for our clients.

You’ll spend most of your time in this compelling country among the remote islands of the Dahlak Archipelago. Pelorus dive masters will guide you to Eritrea’s most exclusive dives, such as Dissie and Durgella islands, where you’ll see a well-preserved WWII destroyer, stunning corals, dolphins, lionfish, manta rays, and groupers. Go on a night dive to see sea turtles and discover the atmospheric mangroves by kayak.

Your yacht will next navigate to Massawa. Here you’ll travel inland in a convoy of 4x4s, passing through the rich agricultural mountains to a village where you’ll be met by a vintage steam train still running on its Belle Epoque-era technology.

The train will carry you through the eye-catching landscape, with a stop for an open-air lunch, to the Art Deco Eritrean capital of Asmara. Discover ‘Little Rome’, its fantastic architecture and intriguing colonial history. See the ‘tank graveyard’, a monument to the three-decade-long conflict with Ethiopia. Once you’ve explored with your guide, you’ll transfer to the airport for a flight home.


The Pelorus Yacht Expeditions team is collaborating with a local Sudanese marine life conservation group in helping to protect the endangered Arabian Red Sea Shark. Visiting yachts are encouraged to assist by identifying and recording their numbers, as well as tagging tentacle and manta rays.

Pelorus is also engaged in negotiations with the Eritrean Government on how our yacht expeditions, through planting buoys to mark restricted fishing and anchoring zones, can help create protected marine areas. The goal is to set out protections for these reefs and pristine waters ahead of an anticipated tourism surge into the region.