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Night skiing through Wilderness, British Columbia


Discover our Exclusive Night Skiing Experience in British Columbia

Take your skiing to the next level with Pelorus’ world-exclusive opportunity.


Do you remember ‘Afterglow’? It was that night skiing advert that dropped in 2014 featuring pro skiers Chris Benchetler and Daron Rahlves. They were resplendent in ski suits studded with 7000 LEDs and powered down slopes in the dark with the assistance of colorful 4000-watt spotlights. Four years later and it’s received five million views and counting.

Making the thing happen was a triumph of creative perseverance. Using Google Earth to scout out exactly the right spot, the team required multiple planes, helicopters, and sleds to transport 9000 pounds of gear to a backcountry ridge in the middle of Alaska. With a secondary filming location in British Columbia, the crew, after months of careful prep, finally pulled the project together.

Afterglow was a singular piece of filmmaking, and to this day it’s still being passed around like a holy relic. That, however, is about to change.

Pelorus is thrilled to debut its world-exclusive night skiing experience allowing you to follow in the after-dark ski tracks of Benchetler and Rahlves.

Based in British Columbia, world-class ski guides will oversee safety and quality during the experience. Meanwhile, the ‘Afterglow’ crew has been engaged to produce a film of your extraordinary experience.

Think: an entirely empty valley illuminated by spotlights, the chiaroscuro of the brightly lit pristine snow edged by the black of night, and you about to launch into an experience sampled only by a privileged few.  

Your time in British Columbia won’t be a one-night spectacular. Expect heli-skiing and cat-skiing adventures to capitalize on your presence in one of the world’s most exciting and scenic ski destinations. 

But it’s when the sun goes down, that you’ll experience something truly remarkable. Your video might not go as viral as ‘Afterglow,’ but you’ll replay this world-exclusive adventure in your head for the rest of your life.