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Luxury Sweden Vacations, northern lights

Luxury Sweden Vacations

While its cosmopolitan capital often takes top billing, Sweden also offers a luxury vacation of spectacular Scandinavian wilderness and world-class wildlife-watching.  

See Stockholm’s Royal Palace, its maze of alleyways, grand cathedral, and 200-year-old windmill while admiring the nearness of nature amid this serene freckling of Swedish islands.

Cast off for Gotland—Sweden’s largest island—with its soft sand beaches washed by glassy waters. Explore the Viking history and stone-age skeletons marooned here among half-decayed medieval churches.

Stroll through UNESCO-protected Visby, Gotland’s only urban area and northern Europe’s best-preserved medieval trading town.

Fly north to Swedish Lapland and see the undulating aurora or the intense golden light of the midnight sun. Fly through the snow-covered landscape on a dog sled and encounter the Sami reindeer herders who will show you their arctic-enduring culture and vibrant traditions.

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