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Luxury Seychelles Vacations, palm trees to the sea

Luxury Seychelles Vacations

The Seychelles may have a reputation as a slice of paradise off of the coast of East Africa—a freckling of 115 sunny, white-sand beaches in the glittering Indian Ocean. And while that’s entirely accurate, there’s more than meets the eye to this exquisite archipelago than you might believe.

It’s the yachting world’s idyllic retreat, and beneath Seychelles’ dense forest canopy and in its mountains and turquoise waters you’ll find impressive biodiversity during your luxury vacation. Swim with turtles, explore thriving coral reefs, and kayak mangrove forest on the lookout for rare reptiles and bird life.

Only a short hop away is Kenya’s African wilderness, ideal for those looking to contrast their blissful relaxation with some adrenaline-pulsing adventure. And the archipelago’s strong eco-friendly outlook only adds to the Seychelles’ all-around appeal.