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Norway’s fjords and mountains, roamed respectively by orcas and wolves, are arguably the most dramatic of all of Scandinavia’s landscapes.

Embrace seclusion during your luxury vacation, staying in a secluded lodge beneath the shimmering lights of the Aurora Borealis. Whisk across the tundra behind a yapping husky team and conquer the Rosendal Alps and its ancient glaciers.

Wander among the orchards and cliffs of its national parks and look down upon Norway’s most striking fjords. Fly with the eagles on a personal paragliding lesson or skim over the clean, clear water on a paddleboard or kayak. Dive in for an invigorating wild swim.

Tackle the rugged terrain on a mountain bike or while riding a sure-footed steed and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture while among some of Norway’s oldest communities.

Top Experiences In Norway