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Bavarian castle in Germany luxury vacations

Luxury GERMANY Vacations

Germany is big and bold, a fantasy landscape of turreted castles, verdant meadows, and pine-scented air. During your luxury vacation see the Black Forest with its rustic villages, sparkling falls, and pathways snaking through aromatic pine and oak woods to secluded lakes.

Visit cosmopolitan Munich, an engaging synthesis of the new and the traditional with a fascinating local culture. Explore Berlin’s grandeur and art-filled urban seams, whether achingly cool bars in former power stations or WWII bunkers filled with incredible artworks.

With an expert mountain guide, trek through Germany’s scenic and unspoiled Bavarian Alps. Paddle across tranquil lakes and take a horse ride along the shoreline of Lake Schmalensee. Journey deep into the wilderness along the foaming course of the Inn or Isar rivers while on a rafting adventure.