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Faroe Islands Luxury Vacations

Luxury Faroe Islands Vacations

Full of culture and beautiful landscapes of fjords, mountains and waterfalls, a luxury vacation in the Faroe Islands also offers an exploration of local traditions and unique history, with expert guides and private vessels at the ready. Experience the cultural heritage of the Faroese people from sport fishing with local fishermen to a private tour of the Faroese fashion industry with a local designer working with traditions and modern design. 

The Faroe Islands is a hidden secret of Europe and paradise for nature lovers. Part of the Kingdom of Denmark but completely independent, this great cluster of islands amazes at every turn with moss covered luxury hotels on top of Torshavn valleys and live Faroese musicians playing in the caves of Hestoy. 

This Danish archipelago is the perfect destination to explore the North Atlantic Ocean. Swim in Arctic waters, board a RIB for a journey through sea stacks and islands or hire a vintage schooner in search of mystic waterfalls. Following on from your adventures out at sea you will go on to uncover the great diversity of the Faroe Islands from panoramic viewpoints of grand fjords to remote villages where native puffins reside.

Top Experiences In The Faroe Islands