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Luxury Chad Vacations

Luxury Chad Vacations

A landscape of volcanic mountains and wind-sculpted sandstone desert, Chad is an unexplored gem divided into remarkably diverse national parks.

On your luxury vacation in Chad, fly above UNESCO-listed desert landscapes characterized by ravines, terracotta-hued canyons, and eroded towers shaped by scorching conditions and powerful desert gales.

See evidence of this landscape’s former Neolithic inhabitants, their paintings still adorning the aged sandstone canvases of cave walls. See the near-miraculous Guelta d’Archei, its waters a lifeline for nomadic herders, camels, and watchful crocodiles.  

Travel to verdant Zakouma National Park and spot its buffalo, Kordofan giraffe, and elephant herds while learning about the inspiring conservation initiatives that have helped restore Chad’s lush wilderness.

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