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Maya temple in Belize luxury vacations

Luxury BELIZE Vacations

With one foot in the Amazon and the other lapped by the turquoise shallows of the Caribbean, a luxury vacation in Belize offers a triple threat of natural wonders, incredible history, and lobster-fuelled beach barbeques.

Descend into pristine cenotes, see Belize’s remarkable caverns, and plunge into the Great Blue Hole from a helicopter to rendezvous with an expert diving team. Explore the western hemisphere’s largest coral reef alongside conservationists and be awestruck by its kaleidoscopic marine life.

Formerly a stronghold of the Mayan civilization, Belize’s lush landscape conceals a trove of Mesoamerican treasures such as temple-pyramids and elaborate palaces.  

With billowing sails navigate its stunning coast on a luxury yacht or escape to tranquillity in a mountain retreat.

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