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Helicopter landing in Antarctica Antarctic yacht expedition

ANTARCTICA Yacht Expeditions

Antarctica’s enthralling land and sea, unique wildlife, and scientific importance make it the perfect destination to be explored through a luxury yacht expedition.  

Take a submersible into the depths of Paradise Bay and satisfy your penguin curiosities with a visit to Trinity Island’s breeding colonies. After venturing to Enterprise Island to see killer whales and humpbacks in the icy waters, ski the continent’s pristine mountains with icebergs twinkling in the fjords below.

Take a helicopter to Mount Shackleton for a sunset witnessed only by a privileged few. Explore antique whaling stations and shipwrecks. Visit Antarctic research stations and learn about the lives of those based there.

Pelorus is a pioneer in designing tailor-made luxury Antarctic expeditions, working with our team of experts to create an unforgettable private yacht charter coupled with an itinerary of incredible experiences.  

Heli-ski to the ends of the earth

Helicopter in Antarctica yacht expedition Heli-skiing

Carve slopes in undiscovered terrain, and discover your own (entirely your own) epic runs while surrounded by majestic, indomitable wilderness. With Pelorus’ access to two helicopters during its Antarctic yacht expeditions, take heli-skiing forays into the undiscovered interior. Thrill to first descents accompanied by experienced guides, your adventures memorialized in thrilling footage by an accompanying videographer.

Plunge to the underwater world in a submersible

UBOAT Worx C submersible, credit Karin Brussaard

Like a giant iceberg, much of Antarctica’s wonders lie below the waterline. In a submersible, you can descend into the hidden world found within these frigid depths. See extraordinary wildlife alongside scientists, explore historic wrecks on the seabed, and witness the beauty of icebergs from below. A submersible dive here is a magical, unforgettable experience.

Kayak beside enormous glaciers and icebergs

Kayaking in Antarctica

Paddling by kayak allows you to get up close to the beauty and serenity of Antarctica. Drift past towering icebergs, get closer to a glacier than you could on your yacht, and soak up the silence of this most remote of destinations. A kayak also allows a greater intimacy with the local wildlife, from curious whales to penguins vaulting through the waves.

Encounter rare wildlife and contribute to scientific research

Whale in Antarctica

The wildlife is wonderful in Antarctica, with its colonies of penguins, snowy-breasted albatross, leopard seals, orca pods and more. With a Pelorus yacht expedition, you’ll get a chance to observe these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat while accompaning a scientific research team. The team’s aims are to gather data to aid conservation efforts, so all interactions will be carried out at a respectful distance.

Conservation at the core

Pelorus is very aware of its responsibilities when operating in such a pristine and largely undiscovered region as Antarctica. We  adhere to sustainable travel procedures with each private yacht expedition we complete, working to the guidelines of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and with leading sustainable travel experts.

Our clients, in turn, become ambassadors for Antarctica, taking home with them their increased conservation and climate crisis awareness after their unforgettable journey.

With research and understanding of Antarctica and its wildlife central to the trip’s objectives, leading conservationists and scientists will travel alongside you. Your role is twofold: making it possible for the scientists to complete their research, as well as assisting them in their research gathering.

Hear from Dr. Mercedes Santos, a biologist who joined recent Pelorus clients on their Antarctic voyage.

Antarctica landscapes


Rather explore Antarctica on foot, rather than on a yacht? No problem. You’ll stay in luxury camps while trekking into the White Desert’s scenic grandeur and coming across its hardy wildlife.  

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