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Pelorus Foundation Climate Investment Fund

Climate Investment Fund

We want our travel experiences at Pelorus to leave a positive impact on the planet, so we are committed to consciously addressing the elephant in the room: with travel, comes significant CO₂ emissions. Discover our new Climate Investment Fund, launched in collaboration with the Pelorus Foundation.

Inspired by a desire to take a hands-on approach to carbon emissions, the Fund creates sustainable partnerships directly with the projects on the ground – supporting communities on the front line of the climate crisis, and investing in the technology which is pioneering carbon removal.

The Climate Investment Fund is an independent carbon removal portfolio, which will enable us to adapt to the everchanging nature of the industry and support different projects to have the greatest possible impact. We will assess this each year to ensure we are doing the best we can.

This year, our projects have been carefully selected based upon the following criteria:


Although we think it’s important to prevent more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, we decided that physically removing the emissions from our trips would have a more direct impact. This year, we are looking to invest in nature and technology-based removal projects: blue carbon, soil carbon, and forest carbon.

Running Tide carbon removal J Walter


It’s important to us that our projects support and involve local people, on their own terms, on their own lands. We will be investing in Plan Vivo Standard certified projects which place the local population and communities on the forefront of the climate crisis at the heart of the restoration projects.

Climate Investment Fund seaweed


Through our Climate Investment Fund, we are investing in the development of technological solutions that are pioneering the new methods needed to reverse climate change. We’re always on the look out for emerging technologies we can include in our portfolio too.

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The immense restorative power of nature itself is one of the most cost-effective ways to tackle climate change, yet there is also an urgent need to invest in novel technology pioneering new methods needed to reverse climate change. Our new Climate Investment Portfolio enables both. Through the Fund we are able to powerfully promote some of the world’s leading carbon removal projects to individuals with the capacity to make significant change to the future of our planet. And whilst we recognize that our Climate Investment Fund will not end climate change, it is a measure we take to reduce our impact on the environment, and ensure travel is a force of good.”



Calculating Carbon

Greenly Climate Investment Fund

As part of this commitment, our travel and yachting designers use Greenly’s carbon accounting platform to measure the carbon footprint of every trip accurately and independently.  

By understanding the carbon footprint of our trips, we can offer clients practical advice on how to reduce emissions while still experiencing Pelorus’ unique brand of experiential adventure.

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We are not experts in the climate industry, but we promise to be transparent, give clear explanations of the decisions we make, and seek advice from external experts where we need it. In the coming months, stay tuned for updates on our green journey, from our application to become a B-Corp company, introduction of ambitious emission reduction targets, and a thorough audit of our supply chain.

Climate Investment Fund Running Tide J Walter
Climate Investment Fund Running Tide J Walter