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Cobbled, colourful street in Guatape, Colombia


Explore Colombia’s incredible culture and Wilderness

Colombia is a gorgeous stretch of South America, where the tangle of the Amazon, the Andes mountains, and the warm Caribbean Sea merge. With its colorful culture, incredible history, and world-beating coffee, this is a country tailor-made for thrilling luxury adventures.

When to go
Jan-Mar, Jul-Sept
From price
$16,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights


Begin your journey through Colombia’s stunning landscapes by arriving in one of its most unexpected—La Guajira. You’ll fly to this northerly desert, where the rolling dunes meet the swell of the sea. This beguiling location is also ideal for learning to kiteboard or windsurf.

Next, you’ll fly by helicopter to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range—the tallest coastal mountains in the world. Fly over the renowned ‘Lost City’ for an exclusive look before landing in remote tundra to meet the Kogui community. You’ll discover how this indigenous pre-Colombian society has managed to maintain its way of life for half a millennium.

Afterward, track pumas in the jungle with a conservationist guide. After sunset, venture out again for a safari to discover Colombia’s biodiverse nocturnal world.


Cartagena is a pastel-hued city of lively cobbled streets bright with bougainvillea and colorful shops. Experience this atmospheric city’s vibrant nightlife and discover its Salsa rhythms.

Make a journey south next, firmly off-the-beaten-path, to the Los Llanos region. This stunning swathe of wetlands and savannah is home to a vast array of species. Binoculars at-the-ready to spot exotic birds such as the semi-endemic white-bearded flycatcher or pale-headed jacamar.

Discover the UNESCO-listed heritage of the Llaneros cowboys as you ride with them and learn how to lasso and corral cattle, as well as the essential techniques involved in capturing an anaconda. Gallop through the long grasses as the afternoon skies begin to color orange and relax beneath the stars in your luxury hacienda eco-camp.


Onto one of Colombia’s most spellbinding colonial gems—the town of Barichara. Wander its cobblestones and take in its gorgeous architecture.

Follow an ancient road to quaint Guane before heading deeper into some of Colombia’s loveliest country, discovering the history of this region during a two-hour trek.

The country’s center of coffee production is found between Medellin, Bogota, and Cali, and where better to learn the art of the perfect cup than while exploring Colombia’s coffee plantations?

Onto the grandeur of the Chicamocha Canyon, where you’ll take in its rugged beauty while paragliding, ending your flight with a dramatic descent to the canyon floor. Take to the river on a white water rafting adventure, navigating level four rapids and seeing the canyon’s lesser-known treasures.

For your Colombian finale, seek the world’s greatest concentration of humpback whales on a speedboat excursion. With an expert Pelorus guide charting the best course to the massive cetaceans, you’ll have a whale-watching experience as thrilling as salsa dancing in Cartagena’s streets.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 10 nights excluding international flights.