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Circumnavigate Iceland on a Voyage through Ice and Fire

Discover Iceland’s unique treasures on a yacht charter circumnavigation. Spot arctic foxes and orcas, swim between tectonic plates, and hike, heli-ski, and heli-surf on this unforgettable adventure.

When to go:
May – September


Your circumnavigation begins in vibrant Reykjavik. Spend your first morning exploring the old town and getting in touch with the rhythms of the capital. Afterward, make your way to Krýsuvík for an introduction to Iceland’s natural wonders. You’ll navigate walkways crisscrossing this geothermal hot spot, as steam plumes up below.

Hike Fagradalsfjall Volcano next. Only formed in April 2021, with the opening of a new fissure vent, you’ll explore the moonscape spying molten rock and listening to cataclysmic sounds from within the earth.

After a challenging day of hiking, sink into some nearby hot springs. Feel any aches and pains ebb away in the geothermal waters. Once you’ve finished your soak, travel to the south coast to rendezvous with your yacht.  

Following a restorative breakfast, travel to the stunning Blue Mountains. Alongside a local mountain biking guide, discover the lakes, pseudo-craters, and lava fields of this Icelandic landscape.

Stop for lunch, before biking to nearby stables and switching two wheels for four hoofs. Adjust to the Icelandic pony’s distinctive trot as you explore remote areas of the Blue Mountains. Bid farewell to your sturdy steed and return to your yacht for a delicious, locally-sourced dinner on board.


Just over 30 miles from the capital, Thingvellir is a national park full of surprises, akin to Iceland’s Yellowstone. While here, you’ll see the Gullfoss waterfall, geothermal valleys, and the one-off dive and snorkel site, Silfra. Step into the water at the final location to float between continents in this unique, bucket list experience.

Explore deeper into the park, looking out for its arctic foxes and mink scurrying over emerald moss that carpets fissures in the ground. Back at the yacht, settle in for dinner with a private musical performance by local musicians.

Rise early for an extraordinary day of hikes and climbs. Select from three different trails (offering varying levels of difficulty) winding up Mount Esja. Listen to the gurgle of the river that rambles over the mountainside and drink in the remarkable 360-degree views at the summit.

From gurgle to thunder as you reach Glymur Waterfall, Iceland’s second-highest. Pass through mossy canyons as you hike to the top of the waterfall, and get your adrenaline racing as you cross the river just above the tumbling falls. Enjoy a wild lunch as you look out over the waterfall and the view.

To Langjökull, a swathe of Iceland shaped by glaciers. Enter the Langjökull glacier to explore the world’s first and largest man-made ice cap glacier ice cave. As the sun sets, return to your yacht for an overnight cruise to Hornstrandir.


Off grid Hornstrandir, uninhabited since the 1950s is a hiker’s paradise. As you roam with an expert guide, take in the landscape’s rugged drama with sheer basalt mountains, plunging fjords, and glacial valleys. Look out for the region’s elusive wildlife, including the wily arctic fox. Amid this natural grandeur, enjoy an incredible wild dinner prepared for you by your crew.

Arrive at the Troll Peninsula and strap on your skis. With June the very tail-end of the season, enjoy corn snow, minimal avalanche danger, and the neverending days of the Midnight Sun. Heli-ski the incredible summit-to-sea runs found here until you’re picked up by your vessel’s tender for evening cocktails on board.


Following a relaxed breakfast, travel inland towards Lake Myvatn. En route, take in The ‘Waterfall of the Gods’— Goðafoss Waterfall. The most powerful waterfall in Europe, its titanic cascade is woven into the country’s sagas.

Arrive at Lake Myvatn to discover its geothermal landscape of basalt pillars, lava fortresses, and immense craters by bike or on foot. Continue in the afternoon, admiring the earth’s volcanic color palette as steam plumes into the air.

Following an excellent breakfast, transfer to tenders and paddleboards for a close-up look at the rugged coastline. Look out for orcas and humpback whales as you glide past waterfalls tumbling off of sheer sea cliffs. Arrive in the summer for the opportunity to see a breaching whale beneath the heavy golden light of the midnight sun. Come evening, enjoy a beach dinner of fresh local fish perfectly prepared by your yacht’s chef.


Iceland’s largest national park, Vatnajökull offers ten volcanoes and Europe’s largest glacier. Trek this landscape of fire and ice, or gear up with crampons and ice axes for some challenging ice climbing. Push yourself and descend into a glacier crevasse to enter a world of radiant blue ice. Ascend for a warm drink to finish.

Cover more ground in an ATV or Arctic Truck. These vehicles are perfectly modified to explore the park, well suited to glaciers and craggy volcanoes.

The Valley of Thor offers some of the most dramatic hiking in Iceland, with its warm and wet microclimate encouraging a verdancy unusual for this stark island. Follow a trail that leads through the hills beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano and near craters and lava rock still warm from the last eruption over a decade ago.


Ramp up the adventure on your final day with a surf in the Reykjanes Peninsula. Angled into the North Atlantic in a south-westerly direction, the peninsula offers a variety of fantastic surfing opportunities from lava reefs to black sand beaches and boulder points.

Take a helicopter to transport you to a distant surf break, with instructors in the water with you to ensure safety as you carve up the incredible swell. Take a small ice axe along to allow you to switch from surfing to iceberg exploration, leaping, and climbing across the ice for a rare high. Return to Reykjavik, closing the loop, and begin the trip home.


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