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The Great Wall Of China


China’s Historic Cities and Dazzling Landscapes

China is a huge and engaging country with an ancient culture, thrilling cities, and spectacular landscapes. Discover its skyscrapers and palaces before exploring its lost villages and vibrant rural traditions. 

When to go
Mar-May, Sep-Nov
From price
$12,000 pp*
Ideal length
14 nights


Start in the megacity of Beijing—China’s capital. See its Forbidden City—once the grand home of the Emperor—which today still holds great significance in the national consciousness. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll be able to access restricted gardens and other private areas within the ornate walls. That evening, experience incredible fine dining beneath the Forbidden City, under the curved ceiling of a former wine cellar once the preserve of Chinese society’s higher echelons.  

Journey north to see the Great Wall of China. You’ll soar above this remarkable Wonder of the World, following its snaking progress through the landscape and past reservoirs. Alight on the wall’s ‘wild’ section for a rustic picnic lunch with superb views. To round off your visit, arrive at the Temple of Heaven and engage in a private Tai Chi lesson.


Journey to the Gobi Desert next, for a striking contrast from the urban bustle of Beijing. You’ll travel through its sand dunes and sculpted rock formations until you arrive at the ‘Dinosaur Ground Zero’. Here, accompanied by paleontologists and using technology that NASA employed on Mars, you can embark on a world-first: searching for dinosaur remains yet to be discovered.

Dial up the thrills with a journey across the dunes in ATVs and on fat bikes. Through Pelorus, gain exclusive access to the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. Discover the stories hidden within this labyrinth of treasures, and gain special permission to usually inaccessible areas.


Travel east to Longsheng in the Guangxi province. You’ll hike the remarkable Dragon’s Backbone River Terraces that have been carved into the hillside for over 650 years. Alongside a guide, you’ll gain cultural insight into this remarkable area as you encounter the ethnic minorities that have made their homes here.

To the drama of Yangshou next, a world-class hiking destination set among some of the country’s most dramatic scenery. On a route suitable for all abilities, spend a day discovering the renowned karst topography. Try some riverside climbing with a professional guide and drift down the serene Yulong River on a bamboo raft, passing emerald green landscapes occasionally interrupted by water buffalo plowing the riverside fields.

Your adventure through China returns you to the cityscape, only this time in Shanghai. Discover its blend of history and modernity on a river tour along the broad Huangpu River, seeing the Bund’s stout colonial-era buildings and the contrasting sci-fi pinnacles clustered in the financial district (including the world’s second tallest tower). Round off your cruise with a sunset river light show, enjoying the spectacle with an effervescent flute of champagne and delicious canapes.  

Next, take your VIP seats at the astonishing Shanghai Acrobatic Show before meeting the acrobats after the show. After the real and acrobatic fireworks, move on to the culinary spectacle at a two-star Michelin restaurant—one of the best tables in town.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults and 2 children traveling for 14 nights excluding international flights.