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Heli-skiing across the tundra to a dog sledging camp


Bond- Turning 007 into a Reality

Inspired by a love of James Bond, Pelorus has designed adrenaline-pumping Bond-inspired travel experiences for you to step straight into the shoes of 007.

Words by Pelorus

We’ve designed a series of Bond-inspired experiences that can be customized to fulfil your boldest and most intrepid desires, so your childhood dreams of true British adventure can become reality. Shoot your cuffs, shake that martini, and prepare yourself for an adventure blending luxury, daring, and intrigue.


1) Disarm explosives on Greenland’s vast ice tundra 

This latest Bond may be a little rough around the edges, although when it comes to style he never compromises. You and your team won’t have to either as you set sail for Greenland in high luxury on the 253.9ft superyacht, LEGEND. With four-fifths of its landmass covered by thick ice—and plenty in the surrounding seas—you’ll switch to more nimble forms of transport as you approach its imposing coastline. Jet-surf through Greenland’s iceberg-strewn waters before landing at craggy beaches where you’ll find waiting snowmobiles. Heli-ski over the tundra to a dog sledding camp. Dive in dry suits or navigate a submersible into the wildlife-rich waters, being alert not to be fed misinformation about your mission. Try to find clues to help in disarming the reported explosives planted at the abandoned radar station. Round off your day of derring-do with a sumptuous meal created by one of the country’s best chefs, before a well-deserved soak in a hot spring. In true Bond-style, sip martinis on an ice cap before rappelling down. Visit the climate research center nearby to become more familiar with this dramatic wilderness, before taking a chartered flight to connect with your departing yacht.

2) Uncover who stole the Rare Idol

Cruise Thailand’s Andaman Sea in the luxurious, 129.2ft LADY AZUL yacht, soaking up ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ vibes. You’ll take a kayak out into the azure waves to explore the Surin Islands—one of Thailand’s most striking archipelagos. Plunge into the teeming deep with a world-renowned instructor, seeing marine life such as sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles. In the company of the Moken tribesmen,  spend the day learning about their culture and mastering the arts of freediving and spearfishing. As you hear fascinating stories about the tribe’s history, pay attention to clues that will indicate the location of the missing rare idol. Head undercover for a poker game with a local criminal element, gathering evidence on who stole the idol before retrieving it through a daring heist. Now the chase begins. With your pursuers keen to retrieve the idol, you’ll try out to outpace them through jungles, islands, and remote national parks. Become trained in the art of survival as you accompany an ex-British Army Captain into the jungle. Finally, travel in a private helicopter to the mountains where you’ll train with a former champion in the art of Thai boxing.

3) Supercar driving over Scotland’s NC500 route

Fly to the lochs and glens of the Scottish Highlands as you embark on a private adventure like no other. You’ll engage in a series of adventurous missions to simulate the experience of being James Bond. Under a stunt driver’s expert tutelage, take specialist driving lessons on a private racetrack. Your training complete, select a supercar to race through stretches of the stunning NC500 route, as featured in the Bond film, ‘Skyfall’. You’ll be choppered for a mission on a loch that will involve kayaks and RIBs before you rappel down imposing cliff faces. All good spies take time to appreciate the finer things, so indulge in a tasting of finely aged Scottish whiskies with a master distiller before retiring to your luxury hotel set on a private island.

4) Journey Through The Dolomites And Venice 

Ski through the otherworldly beauty of the Dolomites on a Bond-based expedition crafted by the Pelorus travel team. With a private helicopter on hand, you’ll carve heart-pumping descents into the pristine powder and maximize your ski time in the wilds of Northern Italy. Dine in some of the region’s finest restaurants while taking in the mountainous panoramas from your top table, before retiring to a luxury chalet base camp. Navigate the mountain switchbacks in supercars as you speed across the beautiful countryside en route to the glamor of Venice. Explore its timeless waterways by gondola and walk the cobbled streets as you pursue the culmination of your mission. World saved yet again, relax with a martini on your private yacht.


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