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Helicopter dropping off guests at sun rise


The Best Destinations for Heli-Skiing

There’s nothing like heli-skiing to access the best, untouched powder in destinations that offer relentless thrills. From slaloming down the flanks of active volcanoes to exploring the imperious ranges of the Antarctic continent, here are the best heli-skiing destinations.

Heli-Skiing In Kamchatka, Russia

When to go: March – May

Where to stay: Private lodge

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a mecca for heli-skiing, offering simmering volcanoes, magnificent panoramas, and unmarked powder fields as far as the eye can see. Every day your Mi-8 Heli will bring you to fresh, exciting locations for you to use as your own exclusive piste.  

As the site of the world’s greatest number of active volcanoes—29 out of 200 rising up from the peninsula—this experience offers you the chance to join the exclusive club of those who have carved the powder on a live volcano.

Heli skiing in Kamchatka, Russia
a group standing next to a fuming volcano

Heli Skiing The Inaccessible Antarctica 

When to go: May – August

Where to stay: Whichaway Camp

The White Desert must be the world’s most enticing heli-skiing destination. Beyond simply skiing, this is also a trip of exploration involving extra lengths to gain access and then witness a rarely seen landscape and wholly unique ecosystem.

Thankfully, you brought your skis.

Start rapidly notching up your tally of first descents, ski past penguin colonies, and take your helicopter to the upper reaches of the immense Transantarctic Mountains.

Heli-skiing in Antarctica
Skiing in Antarctica

Heli-Skiing in Northern Iceland

When to go: February – June

Where to stay: Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula

With runs descending from powdery summit to black sand, Iceland’s Tröllaskagi Peninsula distinguishes itself as Europe’s number one heli-skiing destination.

On your adventure here, you’ll enjoy exclusive use of Deplar Farm. From this luxurious outpost, you’ll take to the skies above this remote Nordic wonderland taking in its rugged coastline, snaking fjords, and rugged hinterland a photographic negative of black crags and white snow.

There’s something for every ability in Tröllaskagi, whether mellow valleys for the easygoing skier or heart-stopping near-verticals for the adrenaline junky. After a day exploring this utterly remote heli-ski paradise, sink into Deplar’s geothermic pools as you prepare for a meal with wine pairing to round off another incredible day.

Iceland Heli-Skiing
Iceland Heli-Skiing Peak