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Baja California Sea Lions diving


Marine wildlife close encounters in Mexico’s Baja California

The Sea of Cortez was once called ‘the world’s aquarium’ by iconic French conservationist and filmmaker, Jacques Cousteau. Let an expert guide show you the undersea wealth found just offshore in Mexico’s Baja California.

When to go
From price
$10,500 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights


The Baja California Peninsula is a sliver of land projecting into the bountiful Sea of Cortez. Your private vessel will chart a course to deeper ocean, away from the tourism spots, with your private guide and marine expert helping to navigate you to your first spectacle: breaching humpback whales.

Following a freshly prepared lunch at sea, your experienced guides will lead a search for blue and mako sharks. Once located, you’ll suit up and dive in to be among these inquisitive, majestic creatures—an intimate experience that will counter the negative Hollywood narrative about sharks.


Transfer to a private charter flight to Magdalena Bay. This is a renowned spot for encountering the grey whale and its calves, with these gentle giants displaying a fearless curiosity as they swim close enough to touch. You’ll spend the afternoon in their company, reveling in the playful interactions of this mammalian saved-from-extinction success story.

Every diver’s dream swimming partner is the whale shark, the largest filter feeder in the ocean reaching sizes of up to 65 feet long. The dappled undersea light dances over the speckled bulk of these benign leviathans and being submerged in their presence is a joyful, awe-inspiring experience.

Another joyful encounter in these seas is with the inquisitive brown sea lions of Los Isolates island. They’ll dart all around you, splashing and hurtling through the water beneath you.

For the culmination of your adventure, it’s time for a quintessential Baja experience racing $100,000 off-road buggies across the peninsula’s varied and beautiful coastal terrain. Speed along nail-bitingly narrow mountain trails and ridges before churning up the sand as you reach the beach and racing along beside the glassy waves.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 5 nights excluding international flights.