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Alaska ice tundra


An Alaskan Adventure for Co-founder Jimmy Carroll

Once again Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll hits the wide-open road of his home in the US, taking his endless appetite for adventure into the raw wilderness that is Alaska. 

‘Discovering Alaska in summer was an experience like no other. Staying at two vastly different lodges provided me with an equal balance of both wilderness and adventure.’

Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus Co-Founder


Jimmy’s Alaskan adventure was one to be envied. Traveling between our favorite luxury accommodations, he built on his existing expertise as he developed intrepid new itineraries for our clientele.  As a bonus Alaska, as one of the most remote and dramatic destinations in the world, offered Jimmy a chance to truly reconnect with nature.

To experience the best that Alaska could offer, Jimmy stayed at a variety of remote lodges providing vastly different experiences. This recce combined the opportunity to relax in complete seclusion while still being surrounded by endless opportunities for adventure. Fully immersing himself in all aspects of the trip, Jimmy’s first-hand experience enables the Pelorus team to provide our clients with the best experiences Alaska has to offer.

Alaska Helicopter Alaska Sheldon Chalet
Alaska Kayakers staying at Tutka Lodge Alaska Ice Cave

Tutka Bay Lodge, Alaska

This thrilling trip began with Jimmy arriving at Tutka Bay Lodge located in a private cove of a nine-mile fjord on the edge of Kachemak Bay State Park. Secure in the lodge’s comfort and seclusion, with exclusive access to this part of the Alaskan wilderness, Jimmy’s extraordinary adventure had begun.

Providing uninterrupted ocean views from its numerous windows, Tutka offers the perfect home-from-home setting for those seeking comfort after a long day of discovery. The dining experience in this wilderness lodge is far from what you might expect. Crafted by an award-winning Cordon Bleu-trained chef, the cuisine focuses on sea-to-table authentic Alaskan fare.

Eager for adventure, Jimmy took to the sky by helicopter to spot the brown bears and moose who graze the nearby shoreline and sedge grass fields. Following the flight, Jimmy set out on an unforgettable hiking experience, before paddling Tutka Bay by kayak in search of endemic seabirds and curious otters. 

Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

Continuing his epic journey, Jimmy flew to the luxurious Sheldon Chalet. Perched on a nunataq above the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, this incredible retreat is just ten miles from the summit of Denali. Situated far from civilization, the only sound is the wind around the peaks. The observation deck jutting out from the chalet’s main space provides ample opportunities to see some of the clearest skies in the world, as well as the majestic light show of the Aurora Borealis.

While staying here, and accompanied by experts, Jimmy experienced life on an incredibly remote glacier. One of his most memorable excursions was snowshoe glacier trekking to explore deep crevasses concealed within the icy terrain.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska

Leaving Sheldon Chalet, Jimmy continued his Alaskan adventure at the secluded Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

This remote luxury sporting lodge sits in a clutch of trees with startling views of the pristine waters of Judd Lake and the Talachulitna River. The sprawling estate offers a number of exclusive, gourmet-catered lodges boasting large windows to soak up as much of the picturesque landscape as possible.

After a long day of discovery, Jimmy would return to the lodge and recuperate in the copper hot tub and sauna. The gourmet meals were another highlight, the dishes featuring seasonal herbs and fresh vegetables from the garden and fresh fish Jimmy had caught earlier that day. Catching his dinner added a note of deep satisfaction as his latest unforgettable adventure in Alaska drew to a close.