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HERO Saudi Arabia Expedition Mountains And Desert


An adventure through Saudi Arabia’s Desert and Heritage

For the adventurous, discover the engaging cultural heritage of a country seldom explored. Traveling through the origin point of Islam, you’ll discover Saudi Arabia’s ancient history amid its stunning sandstone cliffs, medieval ruins, and endless golden desert.

When to go
From price
$14,000 pp*
Ideal length
8 nights


Begin amid the towers of the capital, Riyadh, staying in the stunning Four Seasons Hotel. Take the elevator to the 99th floor for a stroll across the iconic sky bridge at nearly 1000ft for a bird’s eye perspective over the stunning city and its encompassing desert landscape.

With a guide, explore the significance of dates in the country’s history at Riyadh’s famous date market before a journey to the birthplace of Saudi Arabia—Dir’ayah. Formerly the home of the Royal Family, this UNESCO-protected town is famous for its mud-brick architecture and atmospheric maze of streets.

After a lunch of traditional flavors at the village of Najdiyah, you’ll drive to the Edge of the World. You’ll hike the nearly 1000ft high escarpment, rising above the sea of desert and marveling at the endless golden vistas before descending into the cool of a cave. As the sun begins to melt into the horizon, enjoy the gorgeous colors washing across the cliffs.


On to AlUla, a desert region of astonishing cultural treasures and surreally beautifully sculpted sandstone. Accompanied by a private historian guide, you’ll wander the ruins and tombs of 6th-century AlUla Old Town, formerly the bustling hub of an ancient desert civilization.

On an exclusive 4×4 safari, traverse the rugged Ragasat Mountains. Swap to quad bikes and dune buggies and race through the maze of canyons ahead of a specially prepared lunch arranged by Pelorus.

Slowing down, connect with this peaceful environment as you trek to the immense red sandstone Elephant Rock. Learn about the rare Arabian Leopard at a visit to the Arabian Leopard Initiative, as well as the country’s plans to reintroduce this impressive big cat to the Sharaan Nature Reserve.

See Saudia Arabia’s first UNESCO site of Madain Saleh—a place of wind-smoothed carvings and astonishingly well preserved ruins where you’ll watch the sun set on the Lonely Castle of the Nabataeans. Savor a private barbeque and the luxury of having it amid the atmospheric remains.

Your trip’s finale takes you to the near-miraculous Wadi Dissah. This nine-mile canyon, where azure water and palms gleam amid the arid cliffs, is a dazzling natural wonder.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults traveling for 8 nights excluding international flights.