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Adventure through Brazil’s diverse landscapes

The largest country in South America is a hotbed of adventure, whether on Rio’s carnivalesque streets or in its compelling, species-rich wildernesses such as the Pantanal and the Amazon Delta.

When to go
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$17,600 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights


The Brazilian Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world. You’ll explore this relatively undiscovered environment and its charismatic creatures via horseback, kayak, and on game drives.

Get up close and personal with the wildlife as you help to conserve one of its most elusive specimens. You’ll join a team of scientists and conservationists dedicated to preserving and learning more about the Pantanal’s jaguars. With expert guidance, you’ll locate, sedate, and collar a jaguar—a profound experience especially when you’re so close to one of these beautiful apex predators. 

From the thriving wetlands to the thrilling city streets, Rio de Janeiro is a fascinating metropolis set in one of the world’s most eye-catching destinations.

With a private guide, you’ll explore the city’s atmospheric center and discover its complex cultural history. Afterward, lift up in a helicopter for a closer look at the iconic ‘Christ the Redeemer’ set among its picturesque peaks.

Descend to experience one of the world’s most famous beaches—Ipanema. Immerse yourself in the beach’s party atmosphere, watching the energetic volleyball with a cooling caipirinha in hand.


Jungle survival next with a transfer to Manaus. You’ll rendezvous with a party of ex-army officers who will lead you into the tangled Amazon. In this testing, adrenaline-pumping experience you’ll learn how to build a fire, find sustenance, and construct a temporary jungle abode while engulfed in the cacophony of the birds and monkeys in the canopy.

On the border of Brazil and Argentina is the Iguazu Falls—over one and a half miles of plunging river water. It’s a natural wonder that has to be seen—and heard—to be believed. You’ll explore walkways that take you around the falls to see its power and beauty from various, awe-inspiring angles.

Next, it’s time to truly experience the force of the world’s largest waterfall system. Board a boat to get closer, navigating the rapids, before you pass under the cascade for an unforgettable Brazilian baptism.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults traveling for 10 nights excluding international flights.


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