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HERO exterior Wolf Lodge in Norway


Just north of Narvik, high in Northern Norway’s snow-covered mountains, is the Polar Park—the world’s most northerly animal park. Nestled within is Wolf Lodge—a luxury stay defined by rustic textures wrought into a trio of modern deluxe master suites with an open-plan living space.

Meals are served around the spacious pine dining table while the avalanche of furs on the sofas and beds ensure perpetual coziness while the blizzard swirls outside of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Photograph of the lodge’s namesake animals decorates the walls (and even some of the pillows).


It’s a truly unique stay—the world’s first accommodation within a wolf enclosure. Cradle a deluxe hot chocolate while the wolves play in the snow only a few feet beyond the living room windows.  

During your stay, you’ll have a personal wildlife host and private wilderness guide who will introduce you to the one-off experiences found here. Chief among these is meeting the wolves—approachable and friendly after years of human interaction—and being welcomed into their pack with a wolf ‘kiss’.

You’ll also have exclusive after-hours access to the park if you want to interact further with the wolves or see some of the other incredible creatures that call this place home.