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Located on an exclusive 15-acre private island on Panama’s sparkling Caribbean coast, Sweet Bocas is a visually striking resort coupled to an organic farm.

While turtles and dolphins swim in the waters surrounding this spacious property, you’ll cross the walkway to enter into an exclusive stay full of Panamanian color, patterns, and artisan textiles. Each of the seven immaculately furnished bedrooms has en suite rain showers to wash off the salt after another irresistible dive off of the property’s edge.

At the other end of your walkway, the island’s jungled interior conceals more luxurious accommodation, a private tennis court, sizeable pool, garden pergola, and a fitness center. Alongside the direct ocean access for diving and water skiing, there’s also a freshwater lake to swim in with a floating pontoon for basking.


Its sheer size for an overwater villa makes it a unique stay for a larger group or family, while its sustainable ethos runs deeper than most. The farm-to-table dining is a delicious example of this, using organic ingredients grown on the island.

And then there’s the surfing. Sweet Bocas helps facilitate your access to these world-renowned surf spots and a world champion surf instructor—as well as a 30ft yacht—is available to assist you on your search for barrels.

After a day’s surfing and a restorative massage, it’s time for a magical evening at Sweet Bocas. The team brings a celebratory feel to the end of every day, with daily surprises to make every night feel truly special.