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Hero Snow Leopard Lodge


India’s Ladakh region translates as ‘the land of high peaks’. In the Ulley Valley, at an altitude of 13,000ft near the mountainous Tibetan border, Snow Leopard Lodge is a remote destination for those in search of one of the world’s most remarkable creatures. It was here that Sir David Attenborough recorded the first-ever footage of snow leopards mating in the wild for Planet Earth II.

Snow Leopard Lodge is a low stone building surrounded by serrated snowy peaks and crumbling ridges. Simple and homey, decorated in a colorful traditional style within, this intimate homestay in the home of a Ladakhi family doubles as a cultural immersion.


It’s probably the best place in the world to stay if you want to see a snow leopard in its natural habitat. While you’re tracking these graceful big cats alongside expert guides, you’ll encounter other remarkable species that call this desolate, arid landscape home: Himalayan foxes, brown bears, yaks, ibex, and wolves. Overhead, gliding through the crisp mountain air, Himalayan griffon vultures and golden eagles survey the mountain flanks and fields of scree.