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Hero Alaska Sheldon Chalet Exterior Night


Perched on a rocky outcrop encircled by the compacted ice of the Ruth Glacier, the Sheldon Chalet is an exploration experience like no other. From this place atop the world, you’ll feel like you can reach up and run your fingers through the aurora borealis.

With only the wind whirling around the peaks, the silence is refreshing and profound. Feel as though you have merged with the landscape before retreating into the luxurious home comforts that the chalet offers.


Family-owned by the pioneering Sheldon’s, this uniquely located chalet has five comfortable double rooms—with two shared bathrooms— furnished with furs and blankets for added coziness. The downstairs communal living space is bright, spacious, and centered around a roaring fire.

The Alaskan-sourced dining is exceptional, with fresh greens grown in a micro greenhouse. Expect oysters, halibut, and king crab with fine wines to savor while you look out at the awe-inspiring views. An observation deck juts from the main space offering ample opportunities to witness some of the clearest skies in the world and the majestic light show of the aurora borealis.