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HERO Sweden Ice Hotel Paddle Boarding


Over 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in the village of Jukkasjarvi, the IceHotel is a fascinating stay where you sleep within a hotel shaped from ice and snow. Winter temperatures here can drop close to -50°F, although typically you’ll find temps of around -4°F.

Even this far north, the IceHotel melts in the spring and has to be reconstructed every winter, ensuring that no two visits on different years would be the same.

An IceHotel 360 has been opened alongside the original IceHotel which, with the assistance of solar power, is kept frozen all year. This latter property also comes with warm bathrooms and saunas.

There are two restaurants—the Homestead and the main Icehotel restaurant. At the latter, the Scandinavian cuisine delivered with a contemporary twist also comes served on blocks of ice.


Taking the concept of the igloo and running rampant with it, the IceHotel is an extraordinary feat of sculpture and architecture. The interior is entirely ice, with blocks of clear ice laid with reindeer pelts for beds. Each suite is individually designed by a different artist, and the results are dazzling.

If one night ensconced in your thick Arctic sleeping bag in the perfect quiet of your 23°F ice chamber is enough, there are hotel rooms and rustic Scandinavian chalets you can transfer to. The latter also comes with underfloor heating.

In the Icebar, you’ll drink craft cocktails out of hand-carved ice glasses and burn up any residual energy you didn’t spend snowmobiling, fishing, or hiking with a turn on the bar’s snowy dancefloor.


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