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HERO Gangtey Lodge Exterior


Discreetly sited beside a cluster of farmhouses, Gangtey Lodge sits overlooking the scenic Phobkikha Valley. Sitting beneath a 17th-century monastery, the lodge has been constructed to blend in sympathetically with the sanctuary.

Its authentic exterior is characterized by a Bhutanese-style pitched roof decorated with ornate engravings. Within the stunning suites, you’ll find traditional, natural materials combined with warm fabrics and natural linens. International-standard conveniences—such as European baths and log-burning stoves—fill out the peaceful, uncluttered interiors.


It’s a superb place from which to explore Bhutan, engage with nature and the country’s inherent spirituality, and understand why the mountain kingdom adheres so successfully to its National Happiness concept.

After a day’s exploration of the Bhutanese countryside, relax with a 7th-century bathing ritual in the lodge’s stone and timber bathhouse. With your Bhutanese wooden tub filled with mineral-rich waters, gaze out of the expansive windows into the valley below, planning tomorrow’s fulfilling adventure.