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Oman Empty Quarter Bedu Camp


The endless sand dunes of the Empty Quarter undulate across much of the Arabian Peninsula’s bottom third, skirted by population centers from several countries. You’ll journey directly into this golden landscape on a 4×4 until your luxury camp appears like a mirage on the horizon and you are greeted warmly by your Bedouin hosts.

Unexpected comfort is found in this camp located in such an unyielding environment, with a plush mattress and pillows covered in crisp linens shaded by the canvas of your spacious sleeping tent. Omani furnishings add color within your tent and without at the campfire seating area.

Your Bedouin hosts will serve up freshly made meals of traditional cuisine before lighting the fire as the sunset turns the dunes to molten gold.


The Empty Quarter isn’t just a romantic name—your luxury camp will be the only sign of civilization for miles around. Your stay is in a spot far from urban pollution, artificial light, or other people. Day by day, the sense of tranquillity and solitude only deepens.

The camp also acts as a kind of immersion into Bedouin culture. Your wonderful hosts will share the stories of their desert lifestyle and relate to you the ancient stories of their country.

You’ll adapt while you’re here, learning how to ‘read’ the desert as you watch the sunrise on morning walks or summit huge dunes for sundowners during dramatic desert sunsets.