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Hero images Chad Camp Warda


In Chad’s Ennedi Plateau, a place of striking sandstone rock formations curves the line of luxurious white tents that make up Camp Warda.

The location allows you to see the highlights of this remote region while on only one-day outings. The bulbous tents—looking like canvas Hershey’s Kisses—nestle into the shade of a sandstone cliff. They each come with a seagrass carpet, a private shower, and field toilet.

The open-sided communal tent is comfortable with rugs and leather cushions. At night the lanterns are lit, and meals of barbecued meats with wines are served.


This pioneering camp has opened up this region for exploration with an added skein of luxury between you and the stark desert surroundings. That this camp exists—like a sumptuous mirage—is a testament to the innovation of those who created it.

On forays out into the incredible surroundings, you’ll marvel at the miracle of the oases, nomads, and wildlife that you encounter in this dramatic wilderness.