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Bwindi Lodge Exterior Aerial View in Uganda


In the north of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bwindi Lodge is only a ten minute walk from the trailheads leading to incredible gorilla encounters. A short walk from Buhoma Village, it offers cultural experiences as well as the incredible wildlife sightings that most travel here for.

The lodge’s luxurious bandas have double doors that open out onto private decks. From here you have views of the forest ideal for spotting Uganda’s over 150 unique bird species in this ornithological paradise.

The use of organic materials has helped blend the lodge in with its lush surroundings. The room’s exposed stone fireplaces and high, palm front ceilings combine with the communal spaces’ wood furnishings and textiles to create a warm, rustic ambiance throughout.


This pioneering lodge was one of the very first to open in the country to facilitate gorilla encounters. Over those twenty years, it developed from being a relatively bare-bones outpost to a wonderful luxury lodge. Its long experience sets it apart and you can be entirely secure in the knowledge that a stay at Bwindi offers you the very best opportunities in the national park.

You’ll head out on incredible hikes, tracking the gorillas through the strikingly biodiverse forests. The effort melts away as you witness the gorillas socializing and being at ease in their natural habitat.