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HERO Baffin Island Exterior


Looking like a settlement of sci-fi igloos, Basecamp is sited on a snow-covered field on the eastern side of Baffin Island. It’s not a stretch to imagine you’ve landed on a different planet, one with an unearthly amount of powder.

As you take a helicopter high into the crisp air, you’ll see the indomitable topography of Canada’s largest island below. The glint of  river, the glowing snow, and finally the untouched slopes that you’ve traveled all this way to experience.


These cozy and comfortable white domes are a true explorer’s den. By blending into their surroundings, they help showcase the beauty of Baffin Bay and the granite peaks beyond.

A private chef is on hand to prepare wholesome and delicious meals, featuring locally sourced Arctic char to Alberta Organic Beef, Ontario fruit, and more. Rest assured there’s plenty to refuel on before another day’s exploring. 

You could even have a French-Canadian cheese with Okanagan Valley wine night while the wind whips flurries at the geodesic exterior. Each dome has large double beds, hot showers, and comfy chairs in which to rest weary limbs.

Credit Weber Arctic