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HERO Ethiopia Bale Mountain Lodge Breakfast View


Set in Bale Mountains National Park, about 250 miles southeast of Addis Ababa, the Bale Mountain Lodge is a luxury stay set amid a clearing in the Harenna Forest.  

The park is a verdant, rugged landscape that’s home to remarkable cultures and rare beasts—most notably the Ethiopian wolf. A visit here will see a thorough and thrilling exploration of the park’s glacial lakes, swamps, volcanic ridges, and the pristine, sun-dappled pathways of Harenna Forest.

With conservation at the core of this property, its been constructed with locally sourced, natural materials to ensure that it leaves as small a footprint—visual or otherwise—on the landscape.


This is the only property even close to this caliber in the park. The eleven guest rooms are comfortable and of a good size, clad in vibrant Ethiopian colors and textiles. A wood-burning stove is on hand for when the chill comes down from the mountain tops. Get up into the forest canopy by checking into the treehouse—perfect for occasional visits from the endemic Bale monkeys.

In the central lodge with its attached dining room—constructed in a traditional thatched roof ‘tukul’ style—you’ll be served a menu of aromatic Ethiopian staples. Cooked over an open fire, the smell at dinnertime is wonderful, as are the views of the jagged mountains.


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