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alladale wilderness reserve scotland


Set in a 23,000-acre wilderness reserve encompassing quintessential Highland vistas and forests of tall Caledonian pine, Alladale, with its selection of four different accommodation options, is a remote slice of Highlands perfection.

Alladale Lodge, set on its own wooded rise, is the largest of the four options available with seven double rooms (and space for more guests, if required). This luxurious manor house, blended seamlessly into the crags, is a fortress of comfort amid the rugged Highlands and fitted out with an in-house sauna, gym, and snooker room.

The lodge is fully catered and serviced by friendly, professional staff who handle every tiny detail (except for whose turn it is to play on the baby grand).

If you’re after intense seclusion, Eagle’s Crag or Ghillies Rest Lodges both provide sumptuous comfort while feeling like an outpost on the edge of the world.  The cuisine wherever you choose to shelter during your stay is organic, local, and ethically culled—think locally caught game or trout served with comforting sides to replenish after a day trekking through a Scottish gale.


It’s the ultimate Scottish Highlands getaway. Hire out the entire reserve for you and 25 of your friends and enjoy life as lord of your own glen.

Alladale also has a superb conservation ethos running throughout its DNA. Besides running multiple wildlife projects, outdoor learning for teenagers, and native tree planting, the reserve is engaged in an intriguing rewilding initiative. This has seen it experiment with the reintroduction of species like the European elk and Scottish wildcat.

Alladale has also established a 1.5 acre aquaponic garden, powered by a hydro-electric generator, that acts as a source of zero-waste and zero-emissions food production.


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