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2022 Travel Bucket List by Pelorus

All the pent-up adventure plans of the last few years mean a high bar for vacations in 2022. Our award-winning Travel Designers, working alongside our creative expert partners in some of the most inaccessible parts of the globe, are ensuring that clients’ expectations are being met and often thrillingly exceeded.

Scroll on for our 2022 Bucket List in what Forbes has described as “the year of travel”. Expect seductive destinations, supreme luxury, and intriguing culture and events. And of course, as always with Pelorus, that sprinkle of something extra.  

(All prices exclude flights) 

Dive the Sardine Run in South Africa

When to go
From price
$9,500 pp
Ideal length
10 nights

Every June, off the rugged shoreline of South Africa, a torrent of sardines numbering in the millions migrates north. The phenomenon draws predators from above and below: flocks of birds piercing the water, with whales, sharks, and dolphins rising from the depths. The water churns in the ferocity of this almighty feeding frenzy.

You will dive into this marvelous maelstrom accompanied by an expert shark scientist. You’ll view this remarkable event and learn about it in all its fascinating dimensions. This is a rare and astonishing experience.

Live your own Blue Planet special while residing in sumptuous accommodation. During your stay in this magnificent country, you’ll paraglide over its stunning cliffs and countryside before a safari adventure with a signature Pelorus twist.

Sardine Run South Africa
Sardine Run South Africa

Explore Costa Rica’s Incredible Marine Life by Submarine

When to go
From price
$44,000 pp*
Ideal length
12 nights

From its volcanic national parks to its biodiverse seas, Costa Rica overflows with adventurous possibilities for the daring traveler. See its stunning land and seascapes while joining conservation teams in their ever more essential work.

Our founders, Jimmy and Geordie, traveled to this Central American jewel last year to develop fresh, dazzling experiences for 2022. These include river rafting through the jungle while assisting on a conservation trip to monitor endangered jaguars; aiding marine biologists as they strive to learn more about the hammerhead shark, and rappelling waterfalls amid the tropical haven of the Osa Peninsula’s Tenorio National Park.

Or for something truly remarkable, dive in your exclusive submersible to where only a handful of scientists have previously been. Your descent to 450 feet beneath the waves will see you encounter, through your almost invisible 360-degree acrylic viewing sphere, serene manta rays, energetic tuna, and some of the world’s largest pods of spinner dolphins.

You’ll stay at Pacuare Lodge in Talamanca and adore its harmonious setting within Costa Rica’s thriving ecosystem.

Pacuare Lodge Arrival by Rafting, Costa Rica

Kayak with Killer Whales from your yacht in Alaska

When to go
From price
Ideal length
7-10 nights

From ice-capped mountain ranges to verdant coastal rainforest, Alaska’s varied natural terrain is ideal for adventures. Surf with sea lions, explore trails in bear-country, and paddle out in a kayak with orcas gliding beneath your hull. 

Encountering wildlife in Alaska can elevate any trip, but doing so in a novel and thrilling fashion just ups the ante even more. In this spirit, Pelorus co-founder, Jimmy Carroll, has added ‘kayaking with whales’ to his own wish list.

Jimmy says, “We’re seeing an increase in yachting clients looking to go on new nature experiences with unique twists. Traveling by yacht enables Pelorus clients to go off the beaten track and explore rural areas that few people get to see.”  

This is the year to push boundaries. Venture to Glacier Bay National Park for a wildlife safari surrounded by the splintering of ice as it detaches from glaciers before tumbling seawards.

You’ll slip into a kayak and paddle out on the pristine waters, watching for orcas in the waters around you. While it might be hard to keep your eyes from the depths, watch for bears foraging the coastline, sea otters darting among the waves, and eagles prospecting from the heights.

Catch your own dinner by diving to catch crabs and gathering scallops with locals who know all the best spots, only pausing to catch  the thrilling sound of humpback whale singing in the deep.

An epic journey of this kind requires an equivalent luxury motor yacht, and you’ll reside on the extremely suitable KOMOKWA.

Killer whale British Columnia
KOMOKWA top deck bar

Volcano and Island Hopping in Philippines by yacht

When to go
From price
Ideal length
7-10 nights

Sail a journey of island hopping discovery in the dazzling archipelago of the Philippines. Among the many thousands of islands that comprise this south-east Asian country, you’ll explore some of the most remote and untouched by civilization.

From the seas to the air as you paraglide or navigate a microlight over the UNESCO Heritage Sites of the Chocolate Hills and the Banaue rice terraces. Exclusive permits will be secured by Pelorus for a trek up the Taal Volcano, which last erupted in January of last year. Explore the crater accompanied by a volcanologist. If you’re feeling adventurous, swim across the freshwater Taal Lake found in the crater.

Another UNESCO Site, but this time beneath the waves. The immense Tubbataha Reef is renowned for its biodiversity. You’ll dive the reef and see an incredible diversity of sealife, with some of the most awe-inspiring being whale sharks, turtles and manta rays,

Navigate the Philippines remarkable seas in the charter yacht HUMMINGBIRD.

Taal Volcano Philippines
Hummingbird Motor yacht

Best of British Bonanza in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

When to go
From price
$15,000 pp*
Ideal length

In the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, it’s the perfect time to see the best of what Great Britain has to offer. Explore the rich history of this island nation in the stone passageways of its historic villages, in ruins adrift in its rolling countryside, and beaten into the medieval pewter bar tops of its pubs.

See London from above in a helicopter before following the snaking course of the Thames on a river cruise while being served traditional Afternoon Tea. See the Trooping the Color parade in honor of the monarch’s birthday, catching sight of the Queen in attendance.

Understand why the Queen is so keen on horses while attending the Royal Ascot—the country’s most upscale horse race—as a guest. Visit Windsor—a quaint riverside town shot through with royal influence and traditional culture.

Feel regal while staying in five-star Corinthia’s airy and elegant penthouse suite. Its outstanding facilities and private roof terrace will have you feeling like the master of all you survey.

London England sky view
London England Queens Guard

Learn to be a Cowboy in Colorado

When to go
From price
$12,500 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

There’s no better place to begin to grasp the history, culture and immensity of the Western USA than in Colorado on a working ranch. At Pelorus we have witnessed an increased enthusiasm among clients determined to authentically connect with a destination. At a working ranch, you’ll immerse yourself in the cowboy existence, boots and all, and contribute to an iconic way of life.  

Your work will be essential to the operation of the ranch. Whether it’s moving cattle to fresh pasture as part of rotational grazing practices or preparing for calving season by sorting heifers, it’ll be a fully committed and deeply satisfying experience.

Between the cattle branding and lasso practice of daily ranch life, your itinerary will be filled out with Western rodeos and farm-to-table dining events under the clear night sky (as well as some rafting and kayaking for some adrenaline-pumping variation).  

Stay at the heart of 90,000 acres of idyllic shortgrass prairie at the wonderful Chico Basin Ranch. With its quintet of lakes and engaging wildlife, there’s a huge amount to see and do at this family-friendly ranch.


Encounter Newly Discovered Lemurs in Madagascar

When to go
From price
$48,000 pp*
Ideal length
14 nights

It’s difficult to prepare for everything Madagascar packs in, from its forested mountains to its plunging canyons, idiosyncratic creatures, and never-want-to-leave beaches.

Begin with a rainforest hike—a local guide and a scientist alongside to assist—as you start to acquaint yourself with the island’s over 150,000 endemic species. Next it’s to the islands, either by kayak or private boat, for that diving (or snorkeling) high of gliding beside underwater behemoths; in this case, whale sharks. A marine biologist will then lead you on an exploration of the ecosystem below the waves while you engage in an effort to identify entirely new species.

Back on land, explore Madagascar’s cocoa plantations on a quad bike before a more contemplative horseback ride through the varying landscapes of this tropical one-off.

You’ll stay at Time + Tide Miavana on the idyllic Nosy Ankoa island off Madagascar’s unspoiled northeast coast. It’s your luxurious retreat, with top-tier facilities and service—perfect after a day in the rugged, awe-inspiring wilderness.

lemurs Madagascar
Whale Shark with swimmer

The Ultimate American Road Trip through Yellowstone National Park

When to go
From price
$25,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

Go on a great American road trip as Yellowstone National Park hits its 150th birthday. In your top-of-the-range RV with all the mod-cons, go on a self-drive safari through the world’s oldest national park.

Among the mountainous scenery with its geothermal landmarks and epic animal life, you’ll take it in at your own pace. Leave your RV when you need to take a closer look at sights such as the iridescent Grand Prismatic Spring, or when adventure calls.

Raft surging rivers through towering canyons, stand stockstill as you admire grazing bison or spot a grizzly, and even swap to horseback for a Wild West experience as your guide delivers a cultural and historic immersion about this extraordinary part of the USA.

bison and bear Yellowstone

Discover Egypt one hundred years after the discovery of Tutankhamun

When to go
From price
$23,500 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

Egypt’s immense cultural treasures—including a Wonder of the World—need little introduction. With 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun and a new museum opening, this is the year to see this incredible country (with adventurous Pelorus add-ons).

Begin at dawn with a gentle ascent in a hot air balloon, taking in this country’s immensity in the soft light of morning. For a stronger jolt than your morning coffee, opt to begin your day jumping from a helicopter for a free fall over the pyramids.

Next, you’re in Cairo at an exclusive private tour of the just-opened Grand Egyptian Museum. Afterward, in the company of an Egyptologist, you’ll visit the tomb of Tutankhamun and be given intriguing insights into this landmark historic site.

You’ll stay on the Nour el Nil, navigating the nation-supporting waters of the epic Nile on a lavish, fully serviced river cruise that’ll take in Egypt’s gorgeous landscape and cultural treasures.

egypt pyramids
NourelNil Egypt

Celebrate Shackleton’s fateful journey on a trans-Antarctic adventure

When to go
From price
$80,000 pp*
Ideal length
10 nights

This December, journey to the Antarctic and walk in the historic footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton. A century ago, the death of this polar explorer rocked the world and drew a line beneath the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. You’ll return to discover the contours of this epic story while staying on the 1939 classic sailing yacht EROS, modernized to contemporary tastes.

You’ll witness the same dramatic scenery and remarkable wildlife as Shackleton as you follow his Trans-Antarctic Expedition’s route—hiking, climbing, and rappelling—through the White Desert. You’ll see the ice caps where Shackleton’s crew took shelter after their ship had sunk beneath the frigid waters. If conditions allow, you’ll pay homage at Shackleton’s memorial as well as observe titanic elephant seals.

Antarctic weather patterns can be difficult to predict, and the condition of the ice fast to change.

Elephant Seal fighting

*Image credit Tim Wright and Classic Charters

With its taste for adventure and commitment to conservation, Pelorus always encourages its clients to include conservation experiences in their custom itinerary. Uniquely rewarding and often profoundly affecting, these are remarkable and rare opportunities.

* From prices shown are base rates and can vary based on destination, accommodation, vessel, dates and experiences chosen. Prices do not include flights.